Alfredo Rapetti Mogol


Alfredo Rapetti Mogol was born in Milan in 1961. He owes much of his artistic education to his family.  While still very young, Rapetti was introduced by his maternal grandfather to Alfredo De Pedrini, then President of the Graphic Arts Association.  Rapetti was quickly adopted into the artistic community in Milan.  He experimented with various styles of painting, receiving an invitation to join the studio of artists Alessandro Algardi and Mario Arlati.  He is an accomplished songwriter, and the recipient of two Grammy Awards.  Rapetti worked intensely for two years before realizing that he would have to unit his two passions, writing music and creating art.   He uses a special technique called stitching, fusing the act of painting with the act of writing.  You will notice the stitching is reminiscent of actual words, written out by hand such as a song.



White and Black Parallel: Works by Alfredo Rapetti Mogol and Federico Comelli Ferrari

Art Southampton 2014 

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