Ewa Bathelier

Bathelier Little White Tutu 2015



Ewa Bathelier was born in Warsaw, Poland and currently resides and paints in Paris. Despite graduating with a degree in medicine, Bathelier pursued painting and stage design in her professional career in the early 1990’s. Embarking on her career pursuing her passion, she became associated with a group of Polish poets and writers whose literary influences contributed to Bathelier’s minimalist style imbued with strong emotion. In addition to her paintings, Bathelier has created sets and costumes for theater, predominantly for Samuel Beckett plays.

The texture, style, and colors in her works exhibits an elegant, vaguely decorative style. The dresses exist in the absence of a human body, but convey a sense of life nonetheless. The solitary dresses featured evoke a sense of loneliness, which contrasts somewhat against the suggestion of life and the human form. The theme of flattened phantoms, a conspicuously missing body, can be seen consistently throughout her body of work. Her work is perceived as “absence-presence” where there is the human form without a body and yet the illusion of life.

Bathelier exhibits her work in galleries and collections worldwide. It can be seen in Galleria Ca’ d’Oro in Rome, Miami, and New York.


Into the White: Ewa Bathelier and Lorenzo Perrone 

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