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Open to the Public Saturday, May 17th

MiamiGalleria Ca’ d’Oro is honored to announce an exhibition showcasing the exceptional works by talented artists Ludmilla Radchenko and Vittorio Sacco.  Curated by Gloria Porcella, director and owner of the famous Roman and Miami Galleries and entitled Rosa Rosae, it is designed to bring to Miami the artistic flavor of these unique European artists.

The exhibition, beginning Saturday, May 17 and running for three weeks, will be held at the newly opened space of Galleria Ca’ d’Oro, Suite 105F, 4141 NE Second Avenue in Miami’s Design District. The Galleria’s goal is to grow together with the most talented emerging European artists by bringing quality, design and innovation to South Florida. Very different from each other in terms of style, medium, personalities and artistic orientations, Ludmilla Radchenko and Vittorio Sacco are united in this show through the theme of roses; a subject matter portrayed by both artists in one of their main works, which gave name to the exhibition, Rosa Rosae.

Ludmilla Radchenko, a young female Siberian Pop artist has the ability to blend unique and sometimes startling photographs with aspects of digital collage and lively acrylic painting to create an entirely unique art form. In the classic Pop Art style, Radchenko presents her subjects over and over, loading it with social content in order to expand and at times exploit its meaning. The bright colors and broad lines that appear as she applies paint to the digital prints serve to create new levels of meaning and also add emotive elements to the overall effect. The results are paintings that reverberate with numerous meanings meant to connect with the viewer.

Vittorio Sacco always had a great passion for photography. The artist’s work truly embodies an Italian essence that expresses a passion for food, a keen eye for simple beauty, style and design. While in New York he joined Bianchi Films where he was able to combine the graphic beauty of his still photography with the elegance of motion pictures. Throughout his career the artist has worked for many important advertising campaigns such as Lindt, Barilla and Kraft among others. Vittorio Sacco is one of those artists who make food and simple objects into poetry. They evoke in the spectator a sense of tangibility and desire to reach what is portrayed. The artist has the ability to transform simple and common everyday objects into appealing, luxurious and sensual elements, which stimulate our senses. On the other hand, his black and white photos of places are somewhat supernatural, where he immortalizes empty spaces where presence is perceived among the ruins. Primitive and yet modern they seem to evoke a post-apocalyptic scene.






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