barbara | novembre 2nd, 2014 - 10:43

A substantial installation assembles in a highly coveted area that acts as a link between Wynwood and the Design District in Miami, Cracking Bridge, designed by the Cracking Art Group, curated by Gloria Porcella, director of Galleria Ca ‘d’Oro (Rome I Miami I New York), and supported by the Tryptic Hes Group.

During Art Basel Miami 2014 (December 2–7), the installation creates a large theater of participants, including meerkats, crocodiles, frogs, snails, wolves and bears, where the iconic plastic sculptures unite on top of large shipping containers. The significance of this installation is the will to overcome obstacles and difficulties encountered in communication between different cultures. The shipping container, as a transportation vessel bringing commerce worldwide, symbolizes communication by which the colorful plastic animals utilize to share their message of open communication. The Installation is also a tribute to Miami, the gateway to the world, where multiple languages are spoken and every day is an understanding of complementing cultures and integration.

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