Animal Art Invasion at Miami Ironside

barbara | marzo 4th, 2015 - 13:56

Colorful animal sculptures from snails, a crocodile and alligator, wolves, frogs, turtles, bears, meerkats to bulldogs – guarding our showrooms, the piazza, promenade and parking lot.

The installation is part of a series of impromptu encounters with works created by the Cracking Art Group and Belgium artist William Sweetlove in partnership with  Galleria Ca’ d’Oro, who has a reputation of delivering some of the most fun and engaging exhibits locally and globally. The iconic pink snails first appeared in Miami during Art Basel 2010, followed by alligators cascading the Freedom Tower in the FOREVERGLADES Art Project with Miami Dade’s College Museum of Art + Design in 2012, and red snails in New York City,  where they inhabited Central Park in 2013 for the REGENERATION Art Project.  This past art week Miami realized CRACKING BRIDGE, an installation about communication across cultures.

The animals will be on view at Ironside through March 31.

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