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VERSICOLOURED CHOREOGRAPHY is a walkthrough guided loosely, step by step, along the labyrinthine abstractions of every common existence dominated by fate.

The steps of a resourceful choreography which walks us through the event horizons of the Ballerina: revealing the chromatic spectrum of the declining possibilities within each one of us.

The intimate fabric of its nature and the immanence of the transcendental.

Because the artwork is the mask (the persona according to Latins) which allows us “to see” the hero-fatality of our existence, as Perseus saw the reflection of Medusa the gorgon on his reflective shield in order to fight her and kill her.

The shifted motion of the spectators is thus the motion of the works in which they are reflected, to the point where we no longer know which is which: we are all swept up in a magic choreography which, by the power of Art, plunges us into the tableaux ivre of living, even if only for a moment.

It is perpetual like Umberto Ciceri’s study which starts over again and again from the point at which it appeared to finish, and keeps spreading out in ever increasing spirals.

Because we are all dancing a versicoloured choreography, some awkwardly and some gracefully, simply awaiting love, death and apotheosis.

Angelo Mancini Gorenc



SPIN LIFE (motion is an illusion just as stillness is an illusion) “Work Filmed”



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