Federico Comelli Ferrari



Federico Comelli Ferrari was born in Brescia, in northern Italy, in 1980. He combined his artistic studies with the scientific, studying medicine after attending art school. He furthered his love for photography at the International Academy of Photograph at Museo Ken Damy di Fotografia Contemporanea. In 2005, Ferrari moved to his current home of Milan, where he worked as a freelance photographer and pursuing the stimulation of research and his passion for new experiences. His curiosity attracted him to diverse themes and genres, ranging from fashion to reportage to publicity photos, and to still life with an eye to the artistic field. Ferrari still has the Nikon he bought 15 years ago, and his dark room is ready for action. However, he also works substantially with digital photography techniques. From 2007 to today, Ferrari has devoted his efforts to developing his art. His interest is focused on the deconstruction and reconstruction of multiple perspectives of subjects with different photographic techniques. The result is stamped on methacrylate of varying thickness. By manipulating light, he is then able to resolve disjointed images of objects to generate a spectrum of colors and figures with considerable dynamism and delicacy. His newest work focuses on disarticulating multiple images of cities and skylines and reconstructing those images in bold colors, making them abstract yet recognizable representations of the actual subjects.

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