Bär & Knell


Bär + Knell have been turning recyclable plastic packaging into works of art since 1992 (project Müll Direct – ‘Litter Direct’).
The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kunststoff – Recycling mbH (DKR), Cologne, sponsored the project by donating recyclable materials.
Beate Bär, born 23 July 1962, and Gerhard Bär, born 6 March 1959, studied interior design at the advanced technical college Fachhochschule Mainz from 1981 – 87, freelance work 1987 – 1989. Spent time in France and Italy, 1990 and 1991.
Hartmut Knell, born 14 July 1966, trained as a cabinet maker from 1982 – 1984, completing his studies at the master school for cabinet makers (Meisterschule für Schreiner) in Heilbronn 1984 – 1988. Worked as a cabinet maker 1984 – 1987. Further studies at the Regensburg Academy of Design 1988 -1990. Has been working as a freelance designer since 1991.

Bar and Knell chairs are functional, but more important as manifestos of green consciousness, the recycled material is apparent, but transformed, and their organic shapes appear to have grown from the landfill site“. Gareth William


Art Southampton 2014

Scope 2014